Contributes to the establishment of the computer system and network basis society

Educates whoever aspires to exploit such future with us

Always thrives to offer and forge the most advanced computer system for our customers


MDB always offers and architects the most advanced computer system

MDB corporaStion proudly provides software solution development for a vast array of businesses, high-level network designing and architecting services, server architecting services, and a wide range of system integration services. In addition to those services, we aggressively address contributions to support developing firms, private entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Having set high-trust relationships and partnerships as a number one priority, we provide personal connections and live information. Finally, we largely would like to develop ourselves synergistically through the network, connecting us with you in a manner of delight and exploration.



MDB Educational System : qualification acquisition systems, new employee training programs, seminars, etc.

By fostering human resources, we strengthen our position as a company offering the next generation “field” where all motivated employees shine and actively thrive to improve their abilities.

No matter whether you are an apprentice or a mid-career employee, we have various in-company workshops ready, which focus on qualification acquirement, technological skills and management improvement, for every single staff member in the company. Workshops specialized in developing management skills for those of whom pursuing career path to the field where they can be successful are also available. You may learn about fundamental and advanced management and technological skills from your mentors during and after project engagements.

Onboarding (~ 3 Months)

Training program targeting young new employees. It covers some basic principles to be a sophisticated businessman such as business etiquette, course of action and vision as a member of MDB, and security. Other contents focus more on practical skills such as JAVA (Programming language) and Database.

Practice (3 Months ~)

When you are done with onboarding, you will be assigned to a designated practical project. Skill improvement through on-the-job trainings is expected at this stage.

Followups (~ 3 Years)

Workshops which improve your JAVA, Database and networking skills are held regularly.

Next Generation Manager (5 years ~ 10 years)

During this period, you acquire even more specialized technical skills in addition to management skills.

Workshop for Manager Position

Managers play extremely important roles in any companies. They deliver intent of executives to the field, supervise the field, and lead to success. Even though various skills are required as a manager, MDB believes that there is no skill that you cannot acquire. From this workshop you will learn coaching skills to train your subordinates, management skills to invigorate the field, and all other associative programs that is open for anyone strives to assume manager position as a reliable leader.

Qualification Acquisition Support Program

MDB conducts Qualification acquisition support program. The program offers study sessions as well as exemption of examination fee and monetary reward up to 200 thousand Japanese Yen depending on the types of qualification.

List of Workshops

  • -Introduction for new software engineers
  • -Basic Information Technology Engineers Examination
  • -Basic PC Skills
  • -C Programming
  • -JAVA Programming
  • -Access Database
  • -Linux(LPIC)
  • -CCNA