MDB Services

Among numerous companies in this rapid growing IT industry, a lot of them wants to be a step ahead of their competition, maintaining the initiative when it comes to creation of brand-new services. Therefore, it is considerably significant to hire competent engineers and creative designers for companies. However in contrast to the great need of resources, we see some harsh recruitment situation here in the society.

When casting an eye on human resources, in a lot of cases competent engineers start to work independently to pursue self-realization, but many struggle with balancing monetizing and what they really want to do upon commencement.

In order to resolve needs of both growing firms and competent IT human resources, we established “IT PRO PARTNERS”: where the firms can speedily acquire competent human resources and the competent human resources can deal with monetizing and pursuing their dreams at the same time.

We would like to spread this platform to the whole the world.

SI Service Enterprise

Development, Implementation, and Operational Support of a variety of business application softwares

Offers system integration service including planning, designing, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance and operational support

Sales, deployment(installation), and operational support of a variety of packages and softwares

Features development, sales and deployment service of in house developed packages (employee and client management system)

Building Webpage, various designing service. Designing, build-out, and maintenance service of secure system and server (includes domain acquisition, delegating various protocols such as SSL)

Features consultation about internet, WAN and LAN system deployment. NW designing, build-out, and server build-out Architect design in the light of operations under high-load System build out under the cloud environment using Amazon Web Service
Education, Instruction, Support targeting anyone uses personal computers Maintenance and maintenance support service (installation) centering on personal computers Offers installation of client softwares, servers, applications, environment setting (internet connection)

Digital contents service

2D Map Development Service

Features streamlining 2D Foundation geospatial data of common commercial map Digitalization of drawing data

3D Map Development service

Features streamlining high accuracy 3D map data that is frequently used in radio wave simulation

Satellite Image Analysis service

Works with satellite imagery into oversea map data, especially for oversea map cases from the area of security or ODA services

Related Map Contents Maintenance Service

・Map Contents Research
・Map Contents Authoring

Authoring service that features research and collecting information for contents maintenance in the map data such as POI registration, customizing the appearance of the map

Map Contents Making DC

Features housing service of user hardware and applications

Food Service

Tokyo Ginza Foie Gras

What is the best way to serve foie gras? Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, through diverse cultural cuisine we proudly serve our delicious foie gras with vegetables, fish, any types of meats, ingredients, herbs, fruits in any form of dishes e.g. hors d’oeuvre, entree, or dessert.

We have a wide range of foie gras dishes from classic french dish (terrine, saute), as well as spiced with Japanese ingredients e.g. yuba, miso, to the extent of heart warming raw eggs with foie gras on rice.


Core System development for the major reservation service

We developed a system that manages reservation, settlement, customer,
analysis, and notification services of a certain pharmaceutical enterprise.
The system is designed and developed under Amazon Web Services cloud environment.
We also designed and made mock up of core administrating pages for the core system.

System for the drone automation

Package system development for the commercially used drone.
By performing drone auto-piloting and engaging with
geographic and localized information, the system supports
retrieving victims who are lost during hiking or climbing.

Media website establishment

We customize paid CMS in a way that our clients could spend less efforts on employing html or css.
We take responsibility everything from requirement definition to release.
We could also support investment and maintenance of the system after release.